What you need to know

  1. Apple sandbox
  2. Security permissions
  3. Let's have a close look

1. Apple sandbox

MailToBotic2 is entirely Apple® sandbox compliant.

If you like to know more about Apple® sandbox technology, go to: apple.com

2. Security permissions

Those kind of popup windows are completely normal. You need to give access to MailToBotic to talk against other applications.


Those kind of permissions must be given only once, on the first run of MailToBotic. Afterward, the system knows that you trust MailToBotic.

3. Let's have a close look

  1. Enter your message (RTF supported). Always test the result in Apple Mail® before send out to your correspondents
  2. Checkbox permits to send a test to a particular mail account.
    You can upload a text file with a bunch of mail addresses, separated by a colon ( ; ) for example.
    Set the Delimiter to " ; " and load your text file (PLAIN TEXT).
  3. Enter subject of the mail
  4. Choose the mail account (configured in Apple Mail®) from where you like to send the mail
  5. Check and choose a signature (configured in Apple Mail® and attributed to that particular account)
  6. Check and choose an attachment. As always pay attention that the attachment is not to heavy. Your mail account and correspondent doesn't like this
  7. Set a delay between each message sent, default 3, but depends a bit of your own configuration/mac® and mail provider performance
  8. Send mail!

4. Remark:

MailToBotic does not pretend to be a mass mail program for the simple reason that MailToBotic relies on your own email account configuration. For example, depending on the mail provider, you may not send more than 500 emails per day. But if you have to communicate regularly with several dozen correspondents and, for example, for privacy reasons (GDPR) want to send a separate email to each of them, MailToBotic can be of great help at a very low cost.