1. Features
  2. In addition
  3. C-Action
  4. What's new?

1. Features


  • - Strip a number of characters from the left/right
  • - Remove specific character(s) or a range of characters/character combinations
  • - Remove character(s) from position X to position Y
  • - Remove text fragment before or after a given string, string excluded or included
  • - Allow alpha numeric characters or only letters


  • - Transform to lowercase or uppercase
  • - Capitalize
  • - Replace character(s) from position X to position Y by other characters
  • - Find text and replace by...


  • - Add prefix/postfix
  • - Add picture meta data such as: pixel height, pixel width, creation date, modification date, exposure, colorspace ...
  • -


  • - Starting from a certain number
  • - Prefix or postfix the number
  • - Number of digits used
  • - Numbering before or after the filename
  • - Sort the files from A to Z or from Z to A

Text file base

  • - Make a text file on each line: the current name of the file + separator (ex. semicolon, comma, tab) + the futur name of the file (File extension included!)
  • - Set the destination folder, load the text files you want to rename

2. In addition


  • - maFileRenamer can also run in simulation mode, which allows you to preview the file renaming.
  • - If you point your destintion folder to the original file folder and apply the "Allow overwrite" checkbox, you will be able to apply file renaming on the original file. By default maFileRenamer applies the file renaming on a copy of the file in case you should do something by mistake.
  • - maFileRenamer let you store your file rename settings in the presets database, so you can reuse them easily later on.
  • - maFileRenamer can keep a log file (menu: Window -> Log Preferences). This can become very handy if for some reason a few days later you notice that you have to roll back. With the help of the text file based renaming option of maFileRenamer.

3. C-Action

What are C-Actions?

C-Actions are tasks which you can run in Centurion and can be used by maWatermarker 3. Those actions makes Centurion and maWatermarker even more powerful. With Centurion you are able to set up a flow with automatic renaming capability.

How to create a c-action?

You can create a c-action using maFileRenamer.
  1. Install maFileRenamer on the system where you run Centurion
  2. Configure your renaming options in maFileRenamer
  3. Click the button with the Centurion logo on it to export a C-Action file

What can you do with C-Actions?

Things you can do with C-Actions
  • - You can rename files, using options as: strip, replace, prefix and postfix
  • - Import C-Actions in Centurion, and load the C-Actions in the order you like to execute them
  • - Import C-Actions as much as you want if you need to repeat the action multiple times

This makes Centurion an unique and extremely powerful file mover/file renamer! C-Actions make it possible to watermark photos and rename them in one run, using maWatermarker.

3. What's new?

version 1.4.0

Maintenance update, enhanced:

  • - Strip a range of characters/character combinations
  • - Progressbar

version 1.3.1

Maintenance update, enhanced

  • - Meta data such as FSCreationDate: adjusted to your mac's time zone
  • - 'Show in Finder' function
  • - Code optimization


  • - Presets "Add prefix" and "Add postfix" are restored correctly