Welcome to i-piQtility 2.5.0!

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  2. How to activate the Photos® extension?
  3. How to use?
  4. Version history?


i-piQtility is an Apple Photos® extension.
Give an extra personal touch on the photos that you wish to upload to Instagram® or apply a text watermark in a structured way!
i-piQtility creates square images ready to publish on Instagram®.
Add creative frames, combined with a text watermark, or add a watermark only.
You can even combine multiple frames!
You can do all of this starting from your trusted photo library Photos® on your iPhone® or iPad®. Once you uploaded the photos to Instagram®, you can easily turn back to the original picture in Photos®, by making use of the Photos® build-in functionality: "Revert".

Hashtag your photos with #ipiQtility and inspire other i-piQtility users around the world.

How to activate the Photos® extension?

The activation of i-piQtility Photos® extension is as simple as activating whatever Photos® extension.

To access i-piQtility, please follow these steps:

First, open Photos® and select the photo you like to edit.

How to use?

Templates where you notice '[shadow]', means you can add or hide a photo shadow.
The color of the applied shadow is fully adjustable.

Version history?

Version 2.2.0

Version 2.5.0