maWatermarker overview

  1. Features
  2. Usage
  3. What's new?

1. maWatermarker features

- Define relative position & size of watermark

- Insert dynamically: EXIF creation date, EXIF user comment, width, height

- Apply subtle embossed text watermark

- Apply filters (Black and white, inverse, dot screen, line screen, circular screen) on watermark image

- Apply fade out transition on watermark image

- Apply image watermark as a pattern ("pattern" checkbox under "Filter" tab)

- X/Y offset

- Rotation angle

- Opacity

- Shadow (color, X/Y offset, radius)

- Font (type, size, color, style, alignment, kerning, leading, underline, outline)

- Store the watermarked pictures as: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, JP2, BMP & GIF

2. maWatermarker usage

- maWatermarker can be used as a light weight picture viewer, with slideshow functionality.

- Basic image manipulation, such as: rotate left/right; flip horizontal/vertical

- Save picture in browser as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, JP2, BMP & GIF

- Store your settings in presets for later use

- Simulation mode: life simulation of your properties adjustments

2.a. How to access the included pattern images

1. Open maWatermarker

2. Go to the application "Preferences"

3. Choose a your library location, where maWatermarker2 will store the patterns. Can also be on iCloud.

4. Close the Preferences panel

5. Click the "image" tab

6. Select "Pattern" on the popup button under the "Choose image" button

7. Click "Choose image": you can now select one of the 30+ patterns !

Take a look!

Import pattern images.

(*) For maWatermarker 2.4.0 users: just select the chosen library folder again to ensure you have the latest pattern versions!

2.b. What can you do with included pattern images

If you make use of the pattern images can play with the 'Render' method in the 'Opacity' tab, for example: 'darker', 'lighter'... etc
and/or with with a 'Filter type' in the 'Filter' tab.

If you want to repeat the image on the whole surface of the photo, do not forget to check the checkbox: 'Pattern'(!)

Pattern images can be used to protect and cover the whole surface of your photo with a - possibly subtle transparant - structure.
Pattern images can also be used to prepare your picture as a background image, for whatever purpose.

Some examples:

2.c. Did you know?

You can apply a pattern for example in combination with the filter: "Negative".
This changes your black pattern to a white pattern, which can create a different effect.

Some examples of what you can do with the "Vintage1" pattern:
Render: Darker
Render: Lighter + Filter: Negative
Render: Darker + Filter: Dots/45 degrees

3. What's new in maWatermarker 2?

version 2.5.1

Maintenance update:
- custom shadow color in combination with text emboss effect
- default text shadow color
- default text color
- default image shadow color

version 2.5.0


1. General:
- Polished application GUI

2. Text watermark:
- The ability to insert new variables:
file name, dpi, color model, color profile, color depth

3. Image watermark:
- Improved "fade out" effect
- Filter size (dot, line, circle screen): replace fixed size with free input field
(more freedom with multiple image resolutions or pixel sizes)
- Multiple "Render methods" are also available for build in patterns
- 7 new "Render methods": more creativity on watermark images as well as pattern images

Bug fixes:
- On "Simulation mode": a new preview is only created if a parameter has really been changed
- Text leading in "Pattern" mode is properly calculated
- Manually entered scale factor in image browser window is working properly again
- Print job does not cause an application crash if no photo has been opened by maWatermarker
- Multiple fixes for saving and restoring presets.

(!) Attention to current users: to access the latest pattern versions:
Select your current Library location in the maWatermarker 'Preferences' again.

version 2.4.0

- 10 new patterns:
China1; China2; CopyRight1; Flower1; Flower2; Japan1; Japan2; Japan3; Tile1; Tile2

(!) Attention to current users: to access those new patterns:
1. rename your current pattern folder
2. reset pattern folder in the maWatermarker preferences

- Bug fix:
On image watermark: when you apply a pattern with the size property: "of destination image size", it is shown correctly now.

- Multiple code enhancements in preparation to the new macOS Big Sur.

version 2.3.0

- Apply embosed text watermark
Effect: gold, silver, red, green and blue.

- Improvements on text watermark rotation.
- Minor GUI enhancements.