1. Features
  2. The basics

1. Features

- Support for responsive designed grids
Responsive design illustrated.

- Numerous adjustable html properties also on the lightbox functionality

- Resize, crop, frame photos

- Make use of maWatermarker pattern images

- Add a comment to each individual picture

- Store your own settings in presets

2. maGalleryCreator, the basics:

The GUI:

1. The workflow
The Workflow

2. The template preview
Template preview
The template preview is a static visualisation of the template properties.
If you like to see your modifications, you need to apply the "Build!" button and a the resulting page will be shown in your default browser.
A good practice is select just a couple of pictures to simulate your modifications.
This can be done easily: unselect the "Publish" checkbox in your photos list.

3. The template properties

Template properties

The best way to start: selecting a 'Model' and 'Build!'
now you can play with the properties of that template and see what's happening.

4. The photo selection
Photo selection
Choose your photos, they will be loaded in the photo list at the right sight of the application.
What you'll see is a preview of the photo, the photo name (where you can sort on: A-z; Z-A) and the 'Exif User Comment' if available in the picture.
The 'Exif User Comment' is very interesting one!
This field can be edited! You can add individual comment to the picture: type your text and 'tab' outside the field so your comment will be available if you like in the photo gallery/Lightbox.

Under the 'Exif User Comment' text field you will find 2 checkboxes: 'Highlight' and 'Publish'.

5. Integration with maWatermarker
Shared workspace
This integration makes it easy to share watermarks and patterns between maWatermarker and maGalleryCreator.
How does it work?

If you want to upload new patterns or watermarks to that shared location, you can do this easily via the main applicaton menu: 'Window' and the submenu: 'Import'.

6. The result
The resulting photo gallery or slideshow will be stored in a very structured way.
You can pick up the entire folder and upload it to your own website, as long as you do not change the relative location of the html files, the gallery or slideshow should work without any problem.
Of course if you relocate the html files you have to change all the file paths that refere to images, css or lightbox script paths within the html file as well. But this is normal behaviour of html.

3. For the more advanced users:

You can fine tune the creation of the gallery or slideshow by adjusting some properties, such as:
font size, font type, image size, colors, shown meta data etc...

Of course advanced users can modify the created html and css files at their needs and can use maGalleryCreator as a first step in creating web galleries or slide shows.