The file loadbalancer.
macOS 10.14 and higher

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Centurion is a productivity utility that helps you manage a massive load of files. The application will watch a source folder, and will distribute the files load balanced to multiple destination folders, based on file extension and/or file name characteristics. In one run, files can be renamed using c-actions®.

Centurion becomes extremely handy if you have many files to handle in a short time, and if you need to distribute the files between multiple processors, computers, systems, users...

But you can configure Centurion also defining one source folder and one out folder to automate file renaming, as part of a bigger workflow.

1 source, multiple destinations

Interface Overview


"In a nutshell, Centurion divides the content of one folder from which files need to be processed, into many other, smaller drop folders, for more efficient handling and processing using third party software.
Centurion was built with simplicity in mind becomes evident once you start the application, and you will soon discover that working with the app is very easy due to its user friendly interface and neatly organized controls layout".

- softpedia.com


Move files

Rename files

Filter specific

Load & balanced

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