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piQtility, photo management utility

NEW: piQtility 9 photo management utility

Including built-in Photos editing extension
A photo management utility for all people involved in preparing web content, catalogs, product brochures, etc.

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maPhotoResizer, resize and crop photos in batch

maPhotoResizer 2 resize, crop, rename and convert photos in batch

Resize, crop, rename and convert file type of photos in batch mode or instantly while browsing thru a collection of photos.

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maWatermarker, add beautiful watermark and pattern

maWatermarker 4 add beautiful watermark and pattern

Protect your photos with beautiful, subtle watermarks, fast and easy.

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maGalleryCreator, responsive photo gallery and slideshow creator

maGalleryCreator responsive photo gallery and slideshow creator

Create responsive web galleries and slideshows in just a few clicks. Based on templates and gives the more advanced users many customizable options! Can be easily integrated into your own web pages.

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MailToBotic2, automate Apple Mail

MailToBotic automate Apple Mail

MailToBotic helps you send automated emails via Apple Mail.
Send RTF formatted mailings with attachments to your club or group members.
MailToBotic does not pretend to be a mass mail utility, but it certainly helps you if you have to send mails to dozens of mail correspondents on a regular basis.

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maFileRenamer, the macOS file renamer

maFileRenamer the macOS file renamer

Extended file renamer.

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Centurion, load balanced file distribution

Centurion load balanced file distribution

A powerful tool for file distribution, with extremely powerful rename* and load balance capability.
* In combination with piQtility or maFileRenamer.

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ClockToday, daily calendar event overview

ClockToday a simplified daily calendar events viewer

If the notion of time sometimes lets you down

The clock is designed in such a way that it does not overstimulate and contains features that can bring calm to chaos.

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maScriptRunner, Applescripts automation

maScriptRunner Script automation

Run your Applescripts or bash scripts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, continuously.

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i-piQtility, Photos editing extension

i-piQtility 2 [iOS] Photos extension

Photos editing extension for Apple's Photos®.
For everyone who wants to give his photos a well structured personal touch before upload to Instagram®.

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The tools you need to add beautiful watermarks in batch mode.
Contains: maWatermarker; maFileRenamer.
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maAutomationBundle 2.0

An automation toolbox for macOS.
Contains: MailToBotic; Centurion; maFileRenamer; maScriptRunner.
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maWebBundle 2.0 responsive photo gallery creation

All you need to watermark and build responsive photo galleries, slideshows...
Contains: maWatermarker; maGalleryCreator; maPhotoResizer 2.
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PowerBundle, macOS toolbox

maPowerBundle 4.0 macOS toolbox

The toolbox every mac user should have.
Contains: maWatermarker; maGalleryCreator; maPhotoResizer; maFileRenamer; Centurion; MailToBotic, maScriptRunner.


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