ClockToday aims to make it easier to keep track of time and the course of the day.


With ClockToday you keep an overview of your day.

Why you should use ClockToday:

ClockToday is dedicated to supporting individuals with memory challenges, such as those experiencing the initial signs of Alzheimer's or dementia.

Additionally, our services can be beneficial for certain individuals with forms of autism.

The clock is designed in such a way that it does not overstimulate and that the user can do little "wrong".
The clock contains features that can bring calm to chaos, including:

Show only relevant daily calendar events by hiding events that are over.
• Show only the current day events of the selected calendar(s), and user can not accidentally delete or edite the agenda.
• Make sure the application's screen stays put in one spot,
so you'll always know exactly where to find it on your screen(s).
• Bring the application to the forefront to ensure it doesn't get lost among other open screens.

Because ClockToday works together with iCal®,
it offers for example caregivers the opportunity to create a calendar on their own Apple® device
and share it with their patient, making it very easy to manage and adjust the agenda remotely and the patient is instant informed about changes in the daily schedule.

We support:
English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch, but we are open to add additional languages on demand.
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