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The picture utility for everyone who is involved in preparing photos for publication. Batch process photos easily and consistently over time.
macOS 10.13 and higher

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piQtility 9 is a robust and versatile photo management tool designed to streamline and enhance the handling of your photographs. With a wide range of functions, it empowers users to efficiently organize, edit, and prepare their photos for various purposes, whether it's publishing on the web, print, social media, or other platforms. Some of the notable features and benefits of piQtility 9 include:

  1. Sorting and Editing: The tool allows users to sort and arrange their photos in batch, ensuring efficient organization and quick access. Additionally, it provides editing capabilities to enhance image quality and appearance.
  2. Conversion and Filters: piQtility 9 supports the conversion of photos to different file formats, making it adaptable for various contexts. It also offers a diverse selection of over 25 photo filters to creatively alter and refine images.
  3. Scaling, Cropping, and Watermarking: Users can easily resize, crop, and apply watermarks to their photos, ensuring consistent branding and protection of intellectual property.
  4. Meta Data Management: The tool enables the addition of essential meta data such as EXIF and IPTC information, enhancing photo descriptions and making them more searchable and informative.
  5. Responsive Photo Galleries: piQtility 9 facilitates the creation of responsive photo galleries, making it easier to showcase images across different devices and screen sizes.
  6. Complex File Renaming: Users with specific file naming needs can take advantage of piQtility 9's advanced file renaming capabilities, ensuring consistent and organized file structures.
  7. QR and Code 128 Generation: The tool offers the ability to generate QR codes and Code 128 barcodes, which can be useful for a variety of applications such as linking to digital content or product information.
  8. Batch Processing: For those who frequently perform similar image manipulations, piQtility 9 supports batch processing, enabling users to apply consistent edits to multiple photos at once.
  9. Integration with Apple Photos®: Users managing their photos within Apple Photos® can benefit from piQtility 9's bulk meta data upload functionality, allowing for efficient enhancement and enrichment of their photo library.
  10. Preparation for Further Editing: Users can utilize piQtility 9 to apply initial filters and image manipulations as a starting point for more advanced edits in applications like Adobe Photoshop.
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Who needs piQtility?

  1. Web Content Creators: piQtility is a valuable asset for individuals involved in creating and preparing web content. Its versatile features streamline the process of organizing, editing, and optimizing images for online publication.
  2. Efficiency Seekers: If you find yourself needing to apply the same effects or edits to numerous photos in a batch, piQtility becomes an invaluable time-saver. It simplifies the replication of effects across multiple images, enhancing efficiency and consistency.
  3. Repetitive Editing Tasks: For those who encounter the need to repeat specific image manipulations on a regular basis, piQtility offers a solution. It eliminates the monotony of performing identical tasks by automating the process and ensuring uniform results.
  4. Advanced Editing Preparation: Professionals and enthusiasts alike can use piQtility to apply initial effects or image manipulations as a foundation for further refining their work in applications like Adobe Photoshop. It's an efficient way to create a starting point for more intricate edits.
  5. Finishing Touches in Batches: When a collection of photos requires a unified finishing touch, piQtility simplifies the task by enabling users to apply edits or enhancements to a group of images simultaneously.
  6. Mac Users Needing File Renaming: piQtility addresses the more complex file renaming needs of Mac users, providing an intuitive solution for organizing and managing their files with precision.
  7. Mac Photo Management: Mac users dealing with photo collections will find piQtility's array of features highly beneficial. It enhances the process of sorting, enhancing, and enriching photos while maintaining a user-friendly experience.

In summary, piQtility is a versatile tool that caters to a broad audience. Whether you're a web content creator, an efficiency enthusiast, a repetitive editing task performer, a creative professional, or a Mac user seeking enhanced photo management capabilities, piQtility offers a wide range of functions to streamline your processes and elevate your image editing endeavors.

Some features

Photos editing extension

Watermark pictures

Create web galleries

Organize files

Rename files

Archive files

Save presets

Edit pictures

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