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The picture utility
macOS 10.12 and higher

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piQtility is in particular a photo management tool for all people involved in preparing web content, catalogs, product brochures, etc.

piQtility for photos, the built-in 'Photos editing extension', makes it even more user-friendly to apply image frames, color tones, rounded corners, customizable unique filters ... Extremely handy if you also use Apple Photos® as your photos database to make albums, calendars, posters etc. from there.

With piQtility you can easily manage photos, for example:

all of this from a user-oriented interface.

You can apply all this features one by one as you browse through your photos, but the main strength of piQtility is to apply it batchwise! Settings can be stored in presets, which makes it very easy to reus . In particular useful if you need to add new photos to your product catalog, or your web shop, and you want to keep the same look and feel of the already present pictures.

An impression of the polished piQtility GUI:

Add text watermarks
as a pattern

Batch upload photos to Apple's Photos®
add meta data where you can search on

Add a color tint, even a gradient
to your photo

Add a watermark
apply subtle effects

Add frames, borders,
rounded corners

Rename files
numerous options

Sort your files
based on certain criteria

piQtility for photos,
work from within Apple's Photos®

piQtility for photos,
work from within Apple's Photos®

Some examples of 'piQtility' and 'piQtility for photos'.

Make your own QR code
and apply

Unique photo filters:
Dot Screen

Unique photo filters:
Line Screen

Add tint with duo tone effect
allows to be applied in batch mode.

Framing with relative sizes
allows to be applied in batch mode.

Combi of filters and
watermark function.

Look at the Instagram® tip below.

See tip below.

Make your own bar Code 128
and apply

woman by Guillaume Bolduc

Who needs piQtility?

Tips 'n tricks:

Download Instagram® tip
Download picture-in-a-picture
Download Circular screen
Download Patterns
Download piQtility for photos® extension
Download Batch upload to Photos®
Download an example of photo filter and watermark effect.

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Some features

Photos editing extension

Watermark pictures

Create web galleries

Organize files

Rename files

Archive files

Save presets

Edit pictures

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