1. Version history
  2. Basics
  3. Organize
  4. Edit
  5. Export HTML
  6. Extras
  7. Upgrade options

1. Version history:

piQtility 7.6.0 (5th of August 2020)

1. General:
- Polished application GUI

2. Text watermark:
- Insert new variables, such as: file name, dpi, color model, color profile, color depth
- Optimized font menu
- Added "bold" property
- Added "Pattern" property
- Added "Emboss" effect

3. Image watermark:
- Improved "fade out" effect
- Filter size (dot, line, circle screen): replacement of predefined sizes by free input field
(more freedom using photos with multiple image resolutions or pixel sizes)
- 7 new "Render methods": more creativity on watermark images as well as pattern images

4. Add Tint:
- Added "Gradient" property

5. Bug fixes:
- On "Simulation mode": a new preview is only generated if a parameter has really been changed
- Manually entered scale factor in image browser window is working properly again
- Multiple fixes on saving and restoring presets.

2. piQtility is build around 3 main modules:

Almost all functionality nicely ordered at right side of the loaded image. Browse through a bunch of pictures and sort or edit the active picture at your needs. But piQtility is also a very powerful batch editor. Please take a look at the listed functionality below and don't forget to scroll down to the bottom of this page!

3. Organize

Viewing and sorting pictures and store them in subfolders by copy, move or alias the original files. Browse through your pictures and inspect the meta data.

While browsing through your pictures, you have easy access to your social media accounts or services f.e.: AirDrop, Messages, Twitter, FaceBook, Flickr, Photos, Mail...

Sort pictures in batch mode: Sort folders with pictures, based on a mixture of criteria such as: EXIF user comment, pixel width, pixel height, color profile, file name, file extension, Finder label color which can be used in different combinations.

Upload pictures to Photos: Upload images from your picture browser or in batch to Photos with the ability to add additional meta data, such as: key words, title postfix, comment, favorite label.
This meta data is searchable within Apple Photos®

Download Batch upload to Photos®

4. Edit

Rename files

Extended file renaming and with the use of c-actions and Centurion: a realy unique file management utility.

Edit pictures

Massive scaling capabilities

Numerous photo filters: Some unique examples with multiple adjustments:
Dotty Black & White

Color conversion: Convert to RGB, CMYK, GrayScale; convert colors, based on ICC color profile.

Framing: Apply a color frame to your image, with the color of your choice define opacity/transparancy of the frame define an inset.

Add tint: Add a custom color/tint to your pictures, also gradient support. Create duo tone effect.

Convert file type: Convert to the most common file formats: tiff, jpeg, png, gif, jp2, psd and pdf

Rotate: Rotate picture at the angle of your choice, and keep transparant background (saved as png).

Rounded corners: Apply rounded corners to pictures, or make a perfect circle of ellipse. Store as TIFF, PNG or GIF to keep the background transparent, or add your proper background and border color!

Faces: Autodetect faces and store as separate photos. This functionality is extremely handy if you want to create fast and easy some profile pictures to use in Apple's "Users and groups" or Apple's "Contact" application, "Skype" or "Microsoft Office"... or if you like to create a web album of team or association members...
Face files

Add or edit exif “user comment” field which also can be used in the HTML photo gallery creation part of the application.

Watermark pictures

Add watermark, text or picture/logo/illustration on active image in the browser or in batch. With live preview.

Archive files

Archive a folder of files in individual ZIP-files in a few mouse clicks, appending a postfix numbering item.

Tips 'n tricks:

Download Circular screen
Download Patterns

5. Export HTML

Create table based HTML picture galleries in a few seconds: It takes just a few seconds to create such pages, based on predefined templates and perfectly adjustable to your needs, if you are a more experienced html user. Even after creation of those pages, you can fully edit them in a html editor of your choice.

6. Extras

Drag 'n drop support, configure piQtility as your default picture browser. Make use of Presets: Store your personal settings in presets, and call them easily back as soon as you need them again.

7. Upgrade options

If you have purchased piQtility in our webshop, you can enter your current license key as a coupon code. Depending which version you are running with you will receive a loyal discount.