1. i-piQtility
  2. How to activate the Photos® extension?


Our first iOS application is born!
i-piQtility is an Apple Photos® extension.
i-piQtility gives a personal touch on your images that you wish to upload to Instagram®.
i-piQtility creates square images ready to publish on Instagram®. All this can be done in your Apple Photos® library on your iPhone® or iPad®. Once you uploaded the photos to Instagram®, you can easily turn back to the original picture in Photos, by making use of the Photos® build-in functionality: "Revert".

How to activate the Photos® extension?

The activation of piQtility Photos® extension is as simple as activating whatever Photos® extension. Please follow these steps:

Select a photo in Photos® app,
click "Edit",
click the "extension" button

Click the "•••" button
to activate the
i-piQtility extension

Activate i-piQtility

i-piQtility activated,
close the window

Click the "extension" button again

Click the i-piQtility icon

You're in now! Choose the effect

Click the "Apply Effect" button