System requirements: macOS 10.9 and higher, embraces macOS Sierra®

An extended but still easy to use watermark application.
Watermark pictures with text (multi line) or images, one by one or in batch mode.
Supported file types: JPEG, PNG, TIFF.

watermark watermark watermarker watermarker watermarker watermarker

Features you can expect:


- define relative position of the watermark
- multiple resizing option for the watermark image:
% of current size
% of width of destination image
% of height of destination image
- apply filters (Black and white, inverse, dot screen, line screen, circular screen) on watermark image
- apply fade out transition on watermark image (adjustable angle)
- x/y offset
- rotation angle
- opacity
- shadow
- shadow color
- shadow x/y offset
- shadow radius
- outline (adjustable line thickness) - font type
- font size
- font color
- font style italic
- store the watermarked pictures as: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, JP2, BMP and GIF.

+ maWatermarker can be used as a light weight picture viewer, with slideshow functionality.
+ basic image manipulation, such as: rotate left/right; flip horizontal/vertical
+ save picture in browser as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, JP2, BMP and GIF.
+ store your settings in presets for later use

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Add text and image watermark. Watch the video (Demo of previous version).

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