System requirements: macOS 10.9 and higher
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"If you want a quick and easy way to create some web galleries, this app is the way to go."

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"Creating your own slide show is pretty easy, as is publishing it to your own domain. I wanted to incorporate it into an existing site and found that that was a bit of a trial. However, when I contacted the dev, he was very helpful in guiding me through some setup issues, which resulted in this 2.3.1 update. The price of this app is reasonable and you won't be disappointed in the results."

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Create responsive web gallery pages in just a few clicks.

Make use of the predefined templates and modify the properties at your needs.

You can easily integrate the produced pages/html code into your own webpages.

Optimized for mobile devices such as phone, tablet:
Response Example Response Example

Why should you need maGalleryCreator ?
If your boss gives you half a minute to create a web gallery of 50 JPGs(*),
maGalleryCreator will make it !
Or if you are the boss, the marketing manager, the graphist, the webmaster, the all-in-one and you just have a little time to create a web gallery... maGalleryCreator will help you too !
And of course because the web galleries (responsive or table based) with responsive lightbox are very nice too.

*On a decent mac, with pictures of ± 1.5MB each.

Features you can expect:

Create web gallery pages in a few seconds, based on predefined templates:

  • choose a template ('Model')
  • choose the location ('Destination') where you want to store the files
  • choose the images...
    ... and in a few seconds...
    the pages are ready to use.
  • All files well structured and easy to copy into your own project.

For the more advanced user:

  • support for responsive designed grids
  • numerous adjustable html properties also on the lightbox functionality
  • resize/crop/frame photos
  • apply rounded corners to your photos or make them even circular
  • store pictures as JPG, PNG or GIF
  • store your own settings in presets

Click me! To see a responsive designed grid, created with maGalleryCreator.

Click me! To see a responsive designed grid, integrated in a web page.

Click me! To see an example of a table based picture gallery.

Watch the video: Make a (maGalleryCreator 2.1.0).

NEW in version 2.3.1
maGalleryCreator maGalleryCreator


For macOS Sierra® users:
Under macOS 10.12 (Sierra) the generated sometimes won't launch directly.
Due to the new security policy under Sierra®.

What to do:
See TIP at OSXdaily or:
- Open terminal and launch this command: sudo spctl --master-disable
If you want to disable this functionality again:
- Open terminal and launch this command: sudo spctl --master-enable

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