System requirements: macOS 10.9 and higher

Create web gallery pages in just a few clicks.
Make use of the predefined templates or use them as a starting point
and modify the properties at your needs.

You can easily integrate the produced pages/html code into your own webpages.

Optimized for mobile devices such as phone, tablet. Click me!

Features you can expect:

Create web gallery pages in a few seconds, based on predefined templates:

  • choose a template ('Model')
  • choose the location ('Destination') where you want to store the files
  • choose the images...
    ... and in a few seconds...
    the pages are ready to use.
  • All files well structured and easy to copy into your own project.

For the more advanced user:

  • support for responsive designed grids
  • numerous adjustable html properties
  • resize/crop/frame photos
  • store pictures as JPG, PNG or GIF
  • store your own settings in presets

Click me! To see a responsive designed grid, created with maGalleryCreator.

Click me! To see a responsive designed grid, integrated in a web page.

Click me! To see an example of a table based picture gallery.

Watch the video: Make a (maGalleryCreator 2.1.0).

NEW maGalleryViewer
Create a and share your webgalleries between other mac users.

Remarks and hints:

  • For macOS Sierra® users:
    Under macOS 10.12 (Sierra) the generated sometimes won't launch directly.
    Due to the new security policy under Sierra®.
    Sierra® will not launch unsigned application by default.
    How to solve this issue:
    See TIP at OSXdaily
    - Open terminal and launch this command: sudo spctl --master-disable
    If you want to disable this functionality again:
    - Open terminal and launch this command: sudo spctl --master-enable

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