MoonApp is specialized in automating tasks, mainly in the graphical environment.
For example by scripting applications such as:
Adobe Creative Suite®, Quark XPress®, Apple®'s Mail®, iPhoto®, Photos®, Microsoft Office for Mac® and the macOS®
or by creating custom Xcode® projects.
Used languages:
Applescript, ASOC, Objective C, Swift, Extendscript, Javascript, php.

Support is what we take serious.
So If you have any questions, remarks, or troubles in use our applications, please let us know.

Oh yes, people asked us: why the name "MoonApp" ?
Quiet simple, because most of the development of the 'app'lications is done in the late hours,
where the 'moon' takes it over from the sun.

The reason why we can keep our prices low, see ad below: