System requirements: macOS 10.8 and higher
macupdate maPhotoResizer

Resize, crop and convert file type of pictures

in batch mode
or while browsing thru a collection of photos.

image sorting image sorting

Features you can expect:


maPhotoResizer offers 3 main options to resize images:

1. Scale:
Set maximum pixel dimension:
- on width
- on height
- largest dimension (width or height)
- percentage

Set exact pixel dimensions (width and height)
- preserve aspect ratio
- ignore aspect ratio

2. Crop:
- crop on width x height, define position and x/y coordinates of cropbox.

3. Convert file type:
- Convert pictures to JPG, PNG, TIF, JP2, GIF and BMP.

- Store your most used settings in presets, and call them easily back when needed.
- You can use maPhotoResizer as a light weight picture browser, with slideshow capabilities.
- Pictures opened in the picture browser can be saved to the most common formats: jpeg, png, tiff, pdf, psd, jp2, gif, bmp.
- Drag and drop support: drag and drop photos on the application icon to open.


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